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How to arrange a desk in a child's room

A comfortable desk for a child

A comfortable desk for a child, which is what?

A desk is an obligatory piece of equipment for a small student’s room. It is with him that he can create his first art projects, and also do his homework. A desk that provides good conditions for learning is one that is adjusted to the child’s height. Models with an adjustable tabletop height are a great choice. Thanks to its functionality, the above-mentioned height-adjustable desk will serve your child much longer. The appropriate depth of the desk is also important. All this is to ensure the child has the correct posture.

Setting up a desk is not only a matter of comfort but also of health. A badly chosen desk may have a negative impact on the toddler’s health in the long run. Eliminating possible posture defects will be very time-consuming. It is better to prevent this by choosing the right desk for your child’s room.

Importantly, according to some parents,  a desk in a child’s room can replace a properly arranged tabletop by the windowsill. However, it is worth considering this issue and deciding to remodel the furniture in order to make space for a small desk. Sometimes a corner desk is a great choice. It is a piece of furniture that is often overlooked, but it will be perfect for a small room.

When looking for the perfect desk, you should consider buying a model with an adjustable angle on the worktop. This functionality is useful for writing and drawing. The optimal angle of inclination is 30 degrees. Of course, it should be individually adapted to the needs of the child. Adjustable desks are extremely attractive models that grow with the child.

Where to put a desk in a child’s room?

The purchase of a desk for a child’s room is just the beginning of creating the perfect space for study. Another trick is where to put the desk. When arranging a study corner, remember to position the desk well in relation to the window. In this way, we provide daylight at the desk. If a child writes with his right hand – the best position is to place the desk with its left side facing the window, and for left-handed students – with its right side. The influx of sunlight has a positive effect on the health of the baby’s eyes.

Where should the child’s desk stand if there is too little free space in the room near the window? Of course, you can place the piece of furniture right next to the wall. It is crucial that it does not have its back to the window. The child should not cover the source of natural light with his body. The location of the desk must take into account both the child’s needs and the room conditions. If you have a dilemma about how to set up a desk in a child’s room, always put functionality first.

A comfortable study space is not only a matter of where to put the desk. Also, make sure you have adequate storage space. Mounting shelves on the wall is not always a good choice as it can limit access to natural light. However, a comfortable desk with drawers will be perfect for this role. Under the desk, there will be enough space not only for a toolbox but also for other things necessary in the student’s room. For a right-handed child, these drawers should be on the right side of the desk. Choosing the right page is important to ensure optimal conditions for your homework.

A desk in a child’s room is not everything – what else is worth remembering?

An ergonomic office chair is a perfect complement to the study space. When choosing a chair for a child’s room, make sure that it has adjustable seat height and armrests. When properly positioned, you will provide your child with a comfortable learning position. When sitting at a desk, keep a right angle between your forearm and upper arm, as well as your lower leg and calf. In this way, the spine is relieved, which is important, especially when sitting at a desk for a long time.

But that’s not all. Once you have chosen the right desk and chair for your child’s room, also think about a lamp that will provide artificial lighting if necessary. It is as important as the correct posture of the child. Therefore, remember to put a small lamp on the child’s desk, which replaces the sun’s rays in the evening. It’s also a good idea to buy a desk organizer. This will allow the child to keep the most important accessories close at hand. It will also ensure order on the countertop. A large number of stationery items can distract your child while studying. With the right accessories, it will be much easier for him to keep his desk tidy.

It is worth involving the child in the selection of equipment for a small student’s room. Choosing furniture together will certainly bring him fun and encourage him to use the study corner later. Do you already know where and how to put your desk? That’s great! Time for shopping, during which do not forget about all the necessary accessories to make your free time and study more enjoyable!

mattress for a children's bed

How to choose a mattress for a children’s bed?

Mattress and child’s sleep hygiene

Choosing a mattress for a child is never easy, due to the wide range of models available on the market. Every parent wants the best for their child, and it is absolutely essential to providing the right conditions for a good night’s sleep. Especially in the early stages of a child’s life, when it is in the crib that he spends the greatest amount of time.

If you are looking for a baby mattress, make sure it provides adequate support during sleep. It should not be too hard or too soft. A baby’s sleep is a significant part of his day. A hard mattress can cause a child to assume the wrong position during sleep, which in turn often perpetuates the wrong position of the spine. It is worth taking care of it from the very beginning when the correct attitude of the child is just being developed.

A mattress for a child should not only provide a comfortable sleep but also have anti-allergic properties. Air circulation is essential to allow your baby to sleep peacefully and healthy. When choosing a mattress for a baby, do not forget to buy a suitable cover. This way you will minimize the risk of soiling, which is often unavoidable with small children.

Mattress for a baby cot – types

The mattress insert is the key when choosing. It should not accumulate bacteria or other contaminants for the simple reason that they may be harmful to the baby. A decent mattress for a toddler is one that is characterized by elasticity. It should yield relatively easily under pressure and quickly regain its original shape. Otherwise, it may cause incorrect body alignment during sleep. Which mattress for a children’s bed will be the best? Search the offer of proven manufacturers, where you will usually find several main types of mattresses, recommended for the youngest. The following types are available:

  • Highly elastic foam mattresses are distinguished by high durability and resistance to deformation, as well as excellent air circulation. The higher the density of the foam, the better the quality of the mattress.
  • Foam mattresses made of thermoplastic foam are suitable for both younger and older children. Due to the high density, the foams are highly durable. Their advantage is also odourless ness and hypoallergenicity.
  • Latex mattresses, ensure the perfect position of the spine during sleep. They do not attract dust or accumulate moisture, which is important for your health.
  • Spring mattresses, also known as pocket ones. Their advantage is the possibility to choose two hardnesses in one model. The springs work independently, ensuring a healthy sleep.

What to consider when choosing a mattress?

 First of all, a mattress for a baby cot should be new. Only then will it be able to properly support the developing spine. A used mattress is never a good solution – neither for a child nor for an adult. This is due to the fact that a mattress that has been used by another person will have recesses that will not necessarily fit the silhouette of the new user. Thus, an old mattress will not provide the child with proper support. What’s more, a used mattress can be full of dirt and bacteria that easily penetrate deep into the structure of the material. Buying a new mattress is the best you can give for your child’s sleep and health.

Mattress and the child’s age

When choosing a mattress for a child, consider its age and body weight. Models with a medium hardness of the mattress are recommended for babies. Too soft a mattress causes the child to collapse on it. A good mattress is one that does not make the child’s body position incorrectly. A foam mattress will work for an older child aged 2-3 years. In turn, for children over 6 years of age, a medium-hard latex or spring mattress is recommended. This is due to the weight of the child at this age, which is already adequate to allow the springs to work properly.

When buying a mattress for a child, pay attention not only to the insert but also to the size of the mattress. Typically children’s size 80×160 mattresses are available for sale. Unfortunately, such a mattress for a child will need to be replaced with a larger one within the next few years. The most popular mattresses are standard size 90×200. It is important for the mattress to provide the child with an adequate amount of space to sleep, and also to give the child a sense of security. It is worth paying attention to this. The thickness of the child’s mattress is also important. The optimal choice is at least 8 cm.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

Where should the bed be placed in the children’s room?

Which bed should I choose for a child’s room?

The bed is actually the most important piece of furniture in a child’s room. It is there that your child will rest, read or even play often. Initially, the little ones often spend the night with their parents. However, there comes a time when your own bed for a child is a must. What to consider when choosing and how to arrange a bed?

In addition to the visual aspect, it is worth focusing on the material from which the child’s bed is made. A good choice is a wooden bed, which not only looks beautiful but is also much more pleasant to the touch than its metal counterpart. The quality of the finish is also important. Remember that children use a bed not only for sleeping. They love to play on it and even jump. Therefore, it is important that the children’s bed is solidly constructed.

All elements should primarily take into account the safety of the child. Solid assembly is equally important. So choose solid quality furniture for a children’s room! How solid? Even in our offer, you will find models that will pass all children’s tests. The one with bouncing included!

What to look for when choosing furniture for a child?

As a parent, you will certainly find stickers stuck in the wrong place in a child’s room. When choosing a bed for a child, pay attention to whether it is made of a material resistant to abrasion and scratching. With furniture secured with a special coating, such as stain, it is much easier to remove any dirt or other unwanted elements. Thanks to this, children’s furniture will stay in good condition for much longer.

Another point to keep in mind is as much space as possible to store your toys. The children’s room is one of those rooms in the house where it is easy to get messy. Therefore, when choosing a bed, choose a model with a comfortable drawer that will provide easy access to the things hidden there. You can store not only your toddler’s toys there but also seasonal clothes. A bed with extra space on the headboard is also a good idea. Then you do not have to worry about where all your child’s favourite teddy bears will sleep.

How to arrange furniture in a children’s room?

If you want to create a functional child’s room, choose practical solutions. Furniture that grows with the child is a great purchase. A bed with an adjustable height will last a toddler much longer. It is also important where we put the children’s beds. The optimal arrangement of furniture in the child’s room will give him a sense of security and enable comprehensive development. It is important to allow free access to any window in the room. Sunlight in the children’s room will have a positive effect on the conditions for playing and the toddler’s well-being. It will also make even a small room optically much larger.

A functional child’s room is one with separate zones that allow you to rest, play freely, but also learn. How to arrange a children’s room? Arranging furniture following the aforementioned division. This will make it much easier to keep the inside of the child’s room tidy. Toys near the desk can unnecessarily distract a toddler while studying or performing artwork. Reading books together on a comfortable bed will also be much more enjoyable. Particular zones in children’s rooms are best arranged in such a way that elements of equipment fulfilling similar functions are located next to each other. Thanks to this, the use of the equipment will be much easier and less time-consuming.

Where should the children’s bed stand?

The undisturbed sleep of a child is influenced not only by a properly selected bed. It is also important to place it well in the children’s room. It’s a good idea to position it with the short side next to the wall. If there is a corner or a niche in the child’s room that can be used in this way, it is worth doing. Limited space around the bed often has a positive effect and makes it easier to create a cosy place to sleep.

Also, pay attention to whether the bed arrangement allows you to observe the entrance door to the room. So how do you set up a bed? The head of the bed should be opposite the door. In this way, you will minimize the situation when entering the parent’s room will surprise the child and make him reluctant to spend time alone there.

Also remember about acoustics, which is equally important in such a room. Noise negatively affects the quality of everyone’s sleep. Therefore, do not put the child’s bed against the wall next to the bathroom. Unexpected sounds will make it difficult to focus on the fun and can often wake you up at night. It is worth taking care of the child’s sleep quality at the stage of arranging the room.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

How to choose furniture for a child’s room?

How to arrange a children’s room?

Having our own space is important to all of us. It is also worth remembering this in the context of the child. Needs change with age, and the growing number of interests and related toys must find their place somewhere. This is the time when it is good to think about decorating a children’s room. Furniture should be appropriate to the child’s age and needs. The most important thing, however, is that they should be ergonomic and safe. Such equipment for a toddler’s room is provided by Kocot Kids, a manufacturer of children’s furniture. A large selection of colours and elements will allow you to separate a zone for rest, study and of course – play in the child’s room. We thought about all this, so we boldly write that a child’s room with our furniture is a great idea.

The colours in the children’s room make a big difference. Pastel colours will create a cosy and subdued space in a girl’s room. For boys and older children, intense colours may work better. It is worth knowing which colours are conducive to concentration and which are the appropriate zones with a bed, where it is preferred to calm down. The idea of ​​painting only one wall of a children’s room in a strong colour is very popular. Arranging a children’s room is also the perfect time to use colourful stickers with your favourite fairy-tale characters. It will be an interesting and original wall decoration.

Tips on how to choose the best furniture for a children’s room

When buying furniture for a child’s room, pay attention to the material from which it is made. Those made of natural wood are a good idea. What style should you choose your furniture in? Simple and classic shapes without sharp edges will work in any space. They are extremely aesthetic and will make it easier to create a space in which you want to be. If you want to convince your toddler to sleep independently in a children’s room, house-shaped beds are an interesting alternative. They can help encourage your child to spend the night in their room. Choosing a one-colour set, you can use selected children’s furniture for both boys and girls. It is worth investing in furniture made of natural wood, as it will serve for many years.

The arrangement of the child’s room should be tailored to the child’s needs. When buying a crib, choose a model that grows with your child. This way you will avoid expensive furniture replacements almost every year. Children’s beds with a sliding function are a very practical solution. This also applies to desks and chairs that are adjustable in height. Pay special attention to this, as learning posture may cause posture defects. When choosing furniture for a child’s room, be sure to buy a spacious wardrobe that will accommodate your toddler’s rapidly changing wardrobe. The functionality of the furniture is of great importance in small apartments where every space should be used to the maximum.

Don’t forget about accessories for the baby’s room

Furniture is, of course, the basis of a well-arranged interior. However, you cannot forget about the accessories that give it a climate and cosiness. It’s best to decide about these little touches together with your child. Choosing accessories for a child’s room together will surely be a pleasant experience. Good lighting while reading books in the evening will be provided by a small lamp, which is good to put on the bedside table. It will also be useful when the child has a problem falling asleep in complete darkness.

A soft rug will also be a nice addition. It will not only designate a play zone but also provide insulation against the unpleasant-to-touch floor. It is worth focusing on colourful accessories that will create an interior that is exceptionally pleasing to the eye in a small room. Remember that a child’s dream room is not only about children’s furniture, but also all other nice additions and accessories.

When choosing accessories for a children’s room, pay attention to thematic accessories. A little boy will surely be pleased with a lamp or a watch in the shape of a car. In turn, in the girl’s room, there will be a place for a music box with a ballerina. With the help of accessories, you can create real children’s kingdoms. When arranging a children’s room, remember also the accessories in which you can store toys. Chests and open containers are a good idea. This is a great way to stay organized, but also gives your child easy access to their favourite things.

Furniture for a children’s room – separate or in a set?

Both solutions have their advantages. Modular furniture allows you to quickly arrange a room, without thinking about whether the individual elements will fit together. The prepared collections of children’s furniture consist of all the obligatory elements such as a bed, desk, chair or spacious chests of drawers. In turn, purchasing furniture separately allows you to complete the necessary elements on an ongoing basis, adapting them to the changing needs of the child.